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4 - 5 oz for $9.00


Growler Fill
Growler Fill

16oz, 4-pack



West Coast IPA

Our flagship IPA contains a unique blend of hops that combines to create a mimosa-like profile, backed by a complex, yet nuanced malt bill, and just enough bitterness to bring a beautiful balance to this shockingly drinkable IPA. 

ABV 6.7%       BU:GU 0.69

16oz - $6.50

12oz - $5.50


Unti 107

Hazy Pale Ale

This double dry-hopped pale ale starts with an aroma of juicy tropical fruits and notes of red berries, partnered with a smooth, silky mouthfeel and dry finish. It’s as drinkable as your favorite Pale Ale with the flavors you crave out of a Hazy IPA. 

ABV 5.6%    BU:GU 0.32

16oz - $6.50

12oz - $5.50



American Amber Ale

Kilcup is the result of a mission to make a beer that presents all the complex, rich, and delicious flavors that malt can bring, in a package that’s as drinkable as any other beer. Starting with notes of graham cracker and rich caramel, this beer quickly unfolds into an array of complex bready malts, combined with a bouquet of floral and stone fruit flavors, with a clean, dry finish. 

ABV 5.9%      BU:GU 0.48

16oz - $6.00

12oz - $5.00



Blonde Ale

Named after the iconic Monroe Smokestack, this Blonde Ale is light, clean, and refreshing. Our take on this classic style includes a good helping of malted rye, along with late addition noble hops creating a journey that starts you off with a medley of bright berries and garden herbs, and ends with a dry, rye spiced finish.

ABV 5.3%       BU:GU 0.42

16oz - $6.00

12oz - $5.00


Big Bopper

American Stout with Cinnamon

Big Bopper is a bold Stout, full of notes of deep caramel, molasses, and espresso. And if that’s not enough, a good helping of Saigon Cinnamon and late addition French hops adds even another layer of complexity to this Bugu favorite.

ABV 7.9%       BU:GU 0.34

16oz - $6.00

12oz - $5.00

Dinkle Pic.jpg


German-Inspired Dunkelweizen

We could do a long winded write up of how we replaced the weizen (wheat) with dinkel (spelt) in this German-inspired ale, and how it is a great beer to showcase the way yeast can play with malt in a beer, but all you really need to know is that this beer tastes like a slice of your moms’ best batch of banana bread. Seriously. Do you like banana bread? If so, Give Dunkeldinkel a try. And if you don’t like banana bread, still give it a try.

ABV 5.4%       BU:GU 0.24

16oz - $6.00

12oz - $5.00

Schilling Cider-London Dry-12oz Can-1MB_.webp

London Dry

Schilling Hard Cider

Schilling London Dry Cider is crisp, refreshing, and slightly tart.

ABV 6.5%       2g Sugar

16oz - $6.50

12oz - $5.50

Sugar in the Creek.JPG

Sugar in the Creek

American Brown Ale Fermented on Oak

Sugar in the Creek is the first beer in our Synesthesia Series, where we work with musicians to create a beer based off of their work. We were lucky enough to get Bendigo Fletcher, an amazingly versatile folk band from Louisville, Kentucky to work with us on this very special beer inspired by their song “Sugar in the Creek”, off their new album Fits Of Laughter. We tried to match the melancholy, adventurous, and comforting feelings this song brings with a flavorful American brown ale, which we fermented on American oak. Making a beer that lives up to such a great song was a challenge, but we believe this All-American beer with all its caramel, nutty, and oaky-vanilla tones lives up to its namesake.

ABV 5.8%       BU:GU 0.46

16oz - $6.00

12oz - $5.00